How To Change Amazon Country

How To Change Amazon Country ? Best Guide

Do you shop frequently from Amazon or its app? Then, you must be aware that Amazon now allows shoppers to make inter-country purchases. There is an option on its official website as well as on the shopping app to buy things from other countries where Amazon is available. So, besides India, there are 22 countries now where Amazon has its service for allowing shoppers to change their country and start shopping internationally. If you want to change Amazon country on your shopping app or account, read the post below. I will be giving you plenty of information related to the guided steps to follow. 

Basic requirements before you start the process to change the Amazon country on the app

  • Create an ID and password on the Amazon shopping app or website if you do not have it already. 
  • If you’ve forgotten the password, request to reset the password. You will get the reactivation link on your registered email ID. 
  • Make sure you are logged into your ID from the app or the website. 
  • Have a reliable and trusted internet connection at home. 
  • Attach a payment method or account to your Amazon shopping ID. Read about it online if you don’t know how to do it. 

How to change Amazon country on the app to shop internationally?

Are you logged into your current Amazon shopping ID? Ensure that first. Now, follow these steps:

  • Check the “Shop by Category” menu button on the top-left side of the app’s screen on your mobile phone. 
  • Scroll down on this menu, find the “Settings” option, and click it. 

This setting option will also show the flag of the country you’ve selected to get an idea of what country you want to shop from. 

  • Another menu opens when you click Settings. It has the option of “Change Country.”
  • Click it, and you will get another follow-up menu or window. 

It shows you the list of the countries you can purchase from. 

  • Select the one you want to choose, along with its regional language. 

Once you select it, another window appears to ask for confirmation to direct you to that country’s Amazon site. 

  • Click on “Continue” on this new pop-up window. 

Wait for the redirection to complete and take you to another country’s Amazon site to shop from. 

  • Browse items on the international Amazon site that you want to order to your home address of the original country. 

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Shopping guidelines to take note of:

This redirected Amazon site will only give you the items eligible for international trade to your home country. So, if you wonder about the shipping of the new item, don’t worry. 

You can ship each item you see on the browsing list of another country’s Amazon to your country. However, double-check the shipping charges that the seller will levy on you. Sometimes, you can order the items directly from your country or the other one from the original list at a cheaper cost. 

So I recommend not changing the Amazon country until and unless you’re sure of the country you want to purchase from. That means you should take your time to compare the prices from different redirected Amazon sites and see which dealer is giving you the best deal. 

How to change Amazon country from your desktop for country-specific features?

You can change Amazon country for multiple other reasons, like wanting to browse mindlessly online or change the regional language. You can easily do that from your desktop as well. Follow my guided steps below to do that without other’s assistance:

  • Log into your existing Amazon ID/account. 
  • Go to the top-right corner of the page. 
  • You will see your shopper’s name. 
  • Click on it, and a drop-down menu appears. 
  • Find “Content & Devices” and click it. 
  • You will see four tabs on the new window. 
  • Find Preferences and click on it. 
  • Find and click “Country/Region Settings.”
  • Click “Change” from the new menu.

Find the country or language you want to change and click “Update.”

Some changes or updates may take up to 24 hours. This is more in the case of resetting the Alexa, alarms, and other smart home device settings. To keep the security intact, previous shopping accounts and the ones linked to the smart home devices get logged out. 

You might be asked to log into your shopping ID again to confirm the changes in the country and language of your shopping account. 

How to change your shopping account’s language from the app?

Most of the Amazon shopping IDs have English set as the default language. However, shoppers might not be comfortable with English. Thus, there is an option to change the language while you also shop from a different country from your mobile app. Follow the steps listed below for you all:

  • Open your Amazon shopping app on the registered device. 
  • Log into the account if you didn’t do that earlier. 
  • Go to the navigation bar and click on the Menu
  • Find and click the option of “Settings” in the Menu. 
  • Find and click “Country & Language” in the new screen or frame. 
  • Choose the language of your choice. 
  • Amazon will only use the languages it allows in your country. 
  • Click “Update” to save the required changes. 

Amazon does not support every language in each location. You must check the list carefully when changing Amazon’s country and language. Email their tech support if you want to add a specific language to Amazon and if their team has not added the one you want before. However, the chances of this happening are very slim here. 

Also, I recommend that you first change the country and then the language. That way, you can change the language of your shopping ID or account more comfortably and easily. 

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Why should you change Amazon’s country and language?

You can do so if you want to browse the content from other countries and check out regional discount offers. You can promote the credibility of the regional vendors if you want to buy from them at any time. Changing language is your preference entirely if you think English is not something you understand when shopping online at Amazon.


Switching or knowing to change Amazon country is a smart choice for shoppers living abroad. It makes it easier for them to shop from their home country and get nostalgic about it. In contrast, switching a language is highly personal for the ease of use of the app or website. I hope my blog provided you with enough information on how to change Amazon country. If you still have doubts about what to transfer while changing the country or language, do write to me. 

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