How To Factory Reset Chromecast

How To Factory Reset Chromecast in 2023

A factory setting of your Chromecast will delete its data. Do you still want that? If you’re unsure, you must know the reasons you’re looking for how to factory reset Chromecast. I mean, some of the reasons are obvious. For example, it might no longer be casting your phone or tablet’s screen. Otherwise, it’s causing more frequent issues in connecting to the Wi-Fi at home. Or else, there are instances when users say that their screen keeps loading. To resolve all these problems or roadblocks to your usual Chromecast user experience, factory resetting is an appropriate solution. 

So, scroll the blog copy below and find different and workable ways to factory reset your current Chromecast and get it to work. 

How to reset the Chromecast to its default settings?

The usual steps to factory reset Chromecast are quick and won’t take more than 5-10 minutes. The primary approach to factory resetting the Chromecast is through the device itself. To do that, you can refer to the below-mentioned steps:

  • Switch on your Chromecast. 
  • Click the factory reset button on your device. 
  • Then, pull the power connection. 
  • Wait for some time, like 1-2 minutes. 
  • Then, turn on the connection again for the Chromecast. 

These steps help you to factory reset chromecast device immediately. 

There are other steps you might want to consider if you don’t want to try the ones mentioned above. 

So, let’s explain the above steps in detail first if you’ve never reset any device to its factory settings earlier. Even if it is something new to try, with the detailed guide, you will get it done in no time. 

How To Factory Reset Chromecast

Detailed steps to follow to factory reset Chromecast:

  • Get your Chromecast
  • Find the factory reset icon on the device. 
  • Press and hold it for a few seconds. 
  • 2nd and 3rd gen Chromecast devices have factory reset buttons on the side. The same button is at the back for the 1s gen Chromecast device. 
  • Hold this button till your Chromecast stops blinking its LED light. 
  • However, when factory resetting the 1st gen Chromecast, you need to keep pressing the button. Hold it for 25-30 seconds. Let the LED blink but do not remove your hand from the button. Until the process completes, keep holding the button. 
  • Now, disconnect the Chromecast by taking out the power or USB cable. 
  • Wait another few seconds. 
  • Reconnect the device with the USB power cable. 
Factory Reset Chromecast

Finally, this step shall factory reset your device within minutes. 

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Another way to factory reset Chromecast is through the Google Home app. Read about the factory reset with this app in the next section of the blog copy. 

How to reset Chromecast with the help of your Google Home app?

The steps to factory reset Chromecast with the existing Google Home app are easy. If you don’t have the app, download it. Learn online how to pair your Chromecast with the app first. Ensure that both Chromecast and the mobile device connect to the same Wi-Fi for faster processing of the factory reset. 

After that’s done, follow the below-mentioned steps as it is:

  • Find the Google Home app on your mobile/tablet.
  • Open it. 
  • It must be in your app drawer if you cannot find it. 
  • Or find it from the Google Play store if you installed it a few minutes ago. 

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This problem occurs in phones that have a lot of apps installed already. That is why I am telling you the step to find the next within 2-3 seconds. 

  • Go to Devices.
  • Find your listed Chromecast device name there. 
  • Tap on it. 
  • Go to the white gear icon, the Settings option, or the three dots that appear on the top-right corner of your mobile’s screen. 
  • Tap on Factory reset. 
  • A new pop-up will appear to confirm your command. 
  • Press reset for confirmation.

After this, you’re free to set up your Chromecast again like it was a new device. It won’t have your old data or setting preferences anymore. So, expect fewer lags or glitches once you factory reset it with the earlier steps. 

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You can research online how to reconnect your Chromecast with existing devices to get the user experience you’ve expected from the start.

How to factory reset an older version of Chromecast?

Some netizens have an older Chromecast model. It was never connected to smartphones or devices previously. Instead, users connected it to their computers or laptops for it to work. So, check the steps below for resetting a very old Chromecast within minutes:

  • Find or search the Google Chromecast app on your computer or laptop. 
  • You can use the computer’s search engine or Control + F / Windows + S to find it. 
  • Open the application and check the interface of the app. 
  • It might need upgrades if you’re opening the app after a long time.
  • Wait for it to download all the patches from the internet. 
  • Then, find your Chromecast device in the same interface, which you plan to reset to default settings. 
  • Go to the “Settings” button or menu option.
  • Then find and click Factory reset chromecast device. 

This will quickly and within minutes return your old Chromecast to a new version with no trace of earlier stored data. 

No approach worked right up until now to hard reset your Chromecast?

That’s upsetting, I know. Trying all the methods and watching them go in vain is time-consuming. But, not to worry. You still have some hope with this device. For that, go to a trusted and reputed service center in the city or in the neighborhood. Show them your device, and take the bill as well with you. If it is a new device, chances are you can get it repaired within the warranty. Otherwise, you can talk to Google representatives online before going to the tech center. That’s your choice, and you decide as per your budget and convenience. 

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1. Where can I find the factory reset button on my Chromecast?

Ans: New generation Chromecast devices have this button on the side panel. The older version, like the first-gen, will have it at the back. 

2. How do I troubleshoot my current Chromecast when it is still not working?

Ans: Go online on your devices and connect each one of them to the same Wi-Fi name or network. Then, turn your device off and on a couple of times to verify and supervise if it finally worked. Another way is to update your TV, mobile phone, Chromecast, and Google Home app. That is because you never know which device might be causing issues in the connection. So, the best way to eliminate these connection issues is to update all your connected devices. 

3. How to reboot my Chromecast with my Google TV?

Ans: Switch on your TV, make sure you’re online and signed in to your ID even on the TV. Get your remote. Use the dial pad on it to browse your user profile. This icon is at the top-right corner of the television screen. Go to the settings of the television. Find and click on the “system” button. You will find the “Restart” option when you scroll the screen. Press it twice if the TV asks for confirmation again. Then, you can turn off your Chromecast once before switching it on again. It shall work now. 

4. Why can’t I get my Chromecast to reboot?

Ans: If you unplug Chromecast from Google TV, that does not mean you can reboot it.  Instead, disconnect the Chromecast from its power supply before reconnecting it. That’s one of the most legitimate ways to make the reboot work in record time.

5. Why is my Chromecast having issues connecting?

Ans : Are you putting in the correct password? Re-enter and check it’s alright. Make sure to update all your smart devices connected to the Chromecast. Keep your Chromecast within 10-15 ft of your device for a faster and more seamless connection. 

6. How do I fix connection problems with a newly bought Chromecast?

Ans : Check the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure to type/write the right password. Check if both of your chosen devices connect to the same Wi-Fi within the nearest possible distance. Ensure you have updated all the patches of these devices to pair with each other. Do not try to pair Chromecast with another device that is out of the room or the range. Keep the devices close and be in the substantial network area.

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