How To Factory Reset Google Home Mini

How To Factory Reset Google Home Mini in 2023

With surround sound voice, epic microphones, language interpreter, and many other features, Google Home Mini speakers give you more ounces for the bounce. You can command these speakers to turn lights to play your favorite music and search online for something within a split second. 

However, there is always a limited life to a tech product or hardware system. Either it might stop listening to your voice, start facing Wi-Fi issues, or you would like to upgrade to Google Nest Mini or higher versions. If any of those is your current problem, you will have to look up on the internet to know how to factory reset Google Home Mini devices. 

If you agree with me up until now, then I am sure you’re on the right blog post. Here, I will explain the step-by-step guide to factory reset your current, be it first-gen or second-gen Google Mini speakers. 

You will know the difference between Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini speaker to reset in a few moments. Also, consider the guide below if you wish to sell the device to a new user. 

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Why must you reset the data of your Google Home Mini or Google Nest Mini speakers?

When you sell it on the market or give it to someone else, it must not have the old data. This could be an invasion of your privacy or hinder the entertainment experience for the new owner. 

The new user might also want to pair their newly bought Google Mini with their existing smart devices for a wholesome experience. If you do not factory reset the device right now, pairing the devices might create a user experience issue for the next owner. 

How To Factory Reset Google Home Mini

Otherwise, there might be glitches in the current Google Home mini speaker. This must be because of glitchy updates at the backend of the device’s programming. Therefore, to make the new device as new as possible, it’s best that you factory reset it with the steps listed in the copy below. 

How to restart your Google Home Mini speaker?

If your Google Home is unresponsive, you must factory reset it immediately. First, try restarting the device like a smart and responsive user. There is no hurry in factory resetting the device. This should be the case with every smart device you own because you do not want to lose the previously stored data. 

To restart the device:

  • Unplug Google Homo Mini speakers from the socket or the wall. 
  • Wait for approximately 10 seconds. 
  • Plug the device back into the socket. 
  • Give it another 10-15 seconds to reconnect to the available Wi-Fi connection at home. 

Then, voila! Your device will restart to connect more seamlessly. 

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How to restart your Google Home Mini speaker with its mobile app?

Do you not want to unplug the device yet? There is another solution to it, which means now you can even use a Google Home mobile app installed on your phone. 

Follow these steps and complete the process within minutes:

  • Get your phone, turn it on, and ensure it has enough battery. 
  • Find the Google Home app on your phone. 
  • Find and click “Settings.”
  • Go to Device Settings; this option will be inside the Settings menu. 
  • Tap or click More. 

Either you will see More or three dots. 

  • Click any of the two to sort this issue to restart your device.
  • Select Reboot. 
  • Wait 10-15 seconds and let go of your phone.

Next, you go to your device and reconfirm if it is connecting well to the Wi-Fi. Otherwise, give your Google Homi Mini a voice command after a couple of seconds. If it connects, you will know that you successfully rebooted the device. 

If the solution is not workable, finally, we move to the factory settings.

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How To Factory Reset Google Home Mini speakers when nothing else works?

Be warned that a factory reset will erase your device data, including preferences, playlists, and other settings. That also means you will have to remember the previous settings on your device to set it up the same after the factory resetting finishes. 

In totality, it means factory resetting your Google Mini speakers should be the last option you consider to recover the connection. 

If you agree to these warnings, proceed with caution and a careful eye to detail when following the factory reset steps for different devices below. 

Factory reset Google Home speakers

  • There is a microphone button at the back of the Google Home speaker. Press it for 15 seconds first. 
  • Your device will flash lights to show that it is resetting itself. 
  • The entire process for factory resetting Google Home speakers shall complete within 2-4 minutes. 

If your device switches in the middle, that can complete things a bit. However, as you already plan to factory reset the device, there is no way to create a backup of the preferences. So, you do not have much to worry about even if the device switches off. 

  • Charge it as soon as possible to follow the same process without meeting any complications in trying to factory reset for a better user experience. 

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Factory reset Google Home Mini speakers

Google Home Mini speakers have a factory reset button at the bottom. It is a small circle you can touch and feel popping just above the surface. If you still can’t understand, know this button is below your Google device’s power cord. 

  • Press this button. 
  • Hold it for 15 seconds.
  • At the same time, make sure your device has a battery. 
  • Otherwise, please keep it on charging as you attempt to factory reset it.
  • You will hear a sound or a chime when the device accepts your command and begins the factory reset process. 
  • Wait 2-4 minutes for the process to complete. 
  • Give your Google Mini speaker a command and check if it accepts it. Whatever the outcome, you will instantly know if it is back to being new. 

Factory reset Google Home Max speakers

  • Find the factory reset button at the back of this device. 
  • Press it and hold it for 10-15 seconds. 
  • Release the button when the device chimes back to your command.
  • Let the factory reset finish in the next 2-3 minutes. 

Still needing help with your Google Home Mini?

It must be clear from the above-stated steps to factory reset your device. If you’re still facing issues, you’re not doing the right steps correctly, or there is something seriously wrong with the speakers. Go to a Google tech center near you to repair the device before you can sell it to a new user. 

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1. Why does my Google Home speaker not have a factory reset button?

Ans : There is no dedicated button to factory reset the device in the Google Home speaker. You need to use the Microphone button to initiate the reset. Hold it for 10-15 seconds to start the process. 

2. Why are my Google Home and Nest not connecting to the home internet or Wi-Fi?

Ans : Somebody might have changed your internet password. Otherwise, the internet connectivity might be low in your neighborhood at the moment. You can always reset your Wi-Fi or restart your Google Home device to be sure. Another reason for malfunctions in the connection may be related to outdated software or the model of the Home device. 

3. How to manually restart my Google Nest Mini without a mobile app?

Ans : Your Nest must be frozen or laggy. It can be due to glitches in programming or software updates. To resolve this issue, click the thermostat ring and hold it for 15 seconds or so. Press the ring again to turn on the device when the screen switches off. This helps to restart your Google Nest without depending upon the app completely. 

4. How do I factory reset my Google speaker?

Ans : Factory resetting various first and second-gen Google Nest speakers is easy. The steps to factory reset are mostly the same for the Google Nest Hub and Google Nest Hub Max. Hold the Volume Up and Down buttons together to factory reset these speakers. You will hear a chime that confirms that you initiated the factory reset and the process is about to complete soon. 

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