How To Reset Apple Watch Best Guide

How To Reset Apple Watch : Best Guide

If you have not used your paired Apple watch recently, you can end up forgetting its passcode, which happens to all of us. This problem is common, so you don’t need to panic. There are easy to watch to unlock your Apple watch. So if you’re searching for how to reset Apple watch, you clicked the right post. Find the instructions carefully below and follow the same steps. Then, your watch will be good to use as it was before you forgot the code.

how to reset apple watch

Information And Material Required When You Read How To Reset The Apple Watch:

  • You need the watch you need to reset. If it’s not with you at present, it’s not possible to reset it. So, better get it first. 
  • The total duration of resetting the watch might be around 5-10 minutes. 
  • There are majorly two ways to reset your latest Apple watch. Both are explained in detail below for your reference. 
  • The first option to reset your Apple watch is with the help of your iPhone device. You will find the details below in the copy to know how to use your phone and reset the watch easily. 
  • The next option or strategy is to use your watch’s setting. It will work for you when you do not have your paired phone with you. Additionally, if your phone is lost, stolen, at the repair center, or broken, this option works fine to unpair and reset the watch within 10 minutes. 

Unpair Your Apple Watch To Restore The Factory Settings

Our first option here today is to unpair your Apple watch if you want to restore it on time. When you unpair your watch from your iPhone device, the watch will restore its factory settings. This means there will be no more passcode on your watch. Then, you can use it easily for doing all your daily work. 

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reset apple watch
  • First, keep your iPhone and Apple watch close together or in proximity. This will help both devices to unpair faster without fail. 
  • Go to the Apple Watch application on your device or iPhone, which is originally paired to the watch. 
  • There is an option or tab called “My Watch.” Click this option and then tap again on another option named “All Watches.” 
  • Now, go to the information or info button next to the Apple watch you want to unpair for resetting its passcode. 
  • When you click the info button, you go to another frame. This time, click “Unpair Apple Watch.” This option will be at the end of the frame or page. Most likely, this option will be in red, so you will easily spot it on your iPhone. 
  • Now, your watch’s name will appear. Click Unpair [your watch name] in the new menu or window. 
how to reset apple watch


If you’re using GPS or a cellular network to browse the internet, you must take an extra step here. WiFi users can skip this extra step to reach the final one to unpair the device.

GPS internet users will also have to unpair their cellular plan for extra safety and better results. However, if you think you will be pairing the devices again, then do not unpair the cellular plan as well. 

Now move ahead by typing the Apple ID password. You need this password so you can remove or disable your device’s current Activation lock. After doing that, the phone will ask you again to unpair. Click the option again when it asks. 

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Your current iPhone will create an automatic backup of all the content on your earlier paired watch before restoring the factory settings. Later, you can use this backup on your new or existing watch, which you will be operating to not mess with the user experience on the Apple watch. 

To confirm whether the watch has been unpaired or not, you need to check your watch’s screen. It will show the message which reads like this: “Start Pairing.”

Now, you can use the Apple watch again with the same or another iPhone at home. Otherwise, close it if you’re ready to sell it off to someone else. Rest assured, your data is already on the cloud. So, whenever you use another Apple watch, you can download the data by pairing the phone. 

How To Reset Apple Watch When You Do Not Have An iPhone At The Moment?

Some users might not have their iPhones with them at the moment. Yet, you want to reset your watch. There is still an option to do that. Read the instructions below, and you will be sorted for now. 

  • Tap or click the “Settings” options on your existing Apple watch you want to reset. 
  • Then go to General. 
  • Find the option to Reset and click on “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  • If the window on the Apple watch asks for your passcode or password, type it to go to the next steps to reset the watch.

Note for GPS or cellular plan users:

Again, users using a cellular plan or GPS network on their phone have to follow an extra step. 

The window at the watch might ask you to remove your cellular plan. You can remove it if you’re not planning to use the same watch again. 

However, if you plan to continue pairing the watch with your current device or mobile phone, there is no need to remove or unpair the cellular plan. 

Final Step:

Click on Erase All to reset the watch finally. This step will help you to restore your Apple watch’s factory setting. It means your watch will be as new as it was. The data will be backed up on your phone’s cloud server already. 


You will need your Apple ID if you want to pair the watch again. It might also ask you for the passcode. So, fetch your iPhone before wanting to pair the watch again, and keep the credentials close to you this time. 


We’ve explained two major scenarios or options through which you can unpair and reset your Apple watch. If you still need assistance, going to an Apple center near you is best. The tech team will help you the best. However, I am sure most users can easily unpair their watches by following the instructions listed above. 

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