How To Reset Beats Studio Buds?

How To Reset Beats Studio Buds?

Do you have Beats buds that are not working properly off-lately? There must be some tech issues with those buds. But you can resolve that issue within minutes. That is the purpose of this guide: to help you note down the important steps to follow to reset the Beats studio buds without hassle. So continue to read the blog post if you have sound, connectivity, or Bluetooth issues with your current buds.

Steps to reset your Beats Studio buds

First, note that when you do a hard reset on your Beats studio buds, make sure to charge the device to the fullest. You will need a lot of charge on your earbuds to do the hard reset.

Now the steps are as you read them below:

  • Place both of the earbuds in the charging case you might have.
  • Do not close the case yet.
  • You will see a protruded button between the case’s two earbuds.
  • It’s called a System button.
  • Press it for 15 seconds until you see the LED indicator turning on. That means the device will show flashes of red or white light.
  • After you confirm that the device’s LED light is blinking, you can stop holding onto the system button.

The LED light will continue to flash red and white. This flashing of the LED light will continue to turn red and white three times. When the LED stops, it means that your earbuds are now ready and reset. You can continue to pair them with your phone or any other smart device for regular use.

What do you need to have in mind before resetting the Beats studio buds?

Do not plug your earbuds into any other device when you plan to reset it. Do not have it attached to any USB cable either for the time being.

What must be the reason for my beat studio buds to fail to connect?

First of all, know that this might be a device computability issue. Even if it connects to Android phones, there might be some error in the phone itself that does not allow you to connect to Apple devices.

Next, you might try connecting the Beats studio buds to more than one device. As per my recent research online, it only connects to a single device. It does not support multipoint features as of yet.

Another one of the major issues can be related to bad or poor connection. At times, a network issue hinders the connection between a mobile or smart device and the earbuds. You can then try to reset your phone or move to another place with better connectivity.

Other than that, you can try to switch on and off your Bluetooth or Beats Studio buds for improved connectivity for the time being.

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How can I reset my headphones from Beats Studio? 

Beats Studio wireless headphones can be easily reset.

These steps include:

  • Press down the Power button on the side of the headphones.
  • Hold the button for 10-15 seconds.
  • Then, wait for the LED lights to go off. One light flashes in Red while another flashes in White.
  • This pattern repeats for 2-3 times.
  • While the LED light is flashing different colours, do not try to switch off the headphone completely.

Wait for the lights to go off; it’s when your headphones reset, and it is ready to pair again.

If you follow these steps clearly, they work very similarly to that of the Beat Studio buds.

How to reset Flex earbuds from Beats?

Now, these earbuds have a slightly different technique to hard reset the setting. Follow it closely below:

  • First, press the volume-down and Power button together.
  • Hold these two buttons for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • At the same time, make sure your earbuds have full battery. Otherwise, the hard reset will not be complete.
  • Release the buttons when the LED light starts to flash. Wait for the LED lights to be off in a minute.

When the light turns off, the earbuds will be ready again to pair like a new device.

What can I do if the earbuds do not reset?

There might be a slight challenge when you are resetting the Beats Studio earbuds. However, before following the troubleshooting tips, charge your buds.

  • Go to the Beats mobile app.
  • Click the Open button on the Play Store or App Store, and open the app.
  • Go to the Device page, and there you will see your device name.
  • Open it to check the settings.
  • The same screen will show the percentage of your earbuds.
  • If the battery is low, you need to charge it again.

If you charged the earbuds and followed the resetting steps, and it is still not working, the best option is to connect to the Apple store. They will know what is wrong with your earbuds and how to repair or replace them, especially if those are under warranty terms as of now.

Go to the most trusted Apple store nearby. You will find plenty of those when you Google that. Also, note the serial number of your earbuds before giving the pair to the service center for repair. Keep the original packing and box with you, as it helps scan the model number or ID if required.


Now, you have plenty of basic knowledge on how to reset Beats Studio buds. If you still have any problems, you can leave a comment below. Experts can reach out to you to help you out. Otherwise, watch other tutorial videos online. The best solution here is to reach the service center, as explained in the post above. This will save you time and other important resources, like your knowledge and money on how to hard reset Beats Studio buds proactively without breaking the bank.

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