How To Reset Firestick Remote

How To Reset Firestick Remote

The process to reset the Firestick remote can differ from one model to another. So, if you want to bring forward your binge-watching game, know how to pair the remote before you can use the Fire TV stick for an easy watching experience. Note that you cannot interchange every remote with the current model or generation of the Amazon Fire TV, which you have. However, before diving deep into the generation-wise topic, you should first learn how to reset Firestick remote. Scroll the post below and start learning the guided steps to do so. 

How to pair Amazon Firestick TV remote?

Switch on your Amazon Fire Tv first. Keep the remote close to you, for example, within 10 ft. distance from the TV you want to pair it with. Press “Hold” on your Firestick TV remote. Do it for 10 seconds or more. 

There is a light at the top of your Amazon TV remote. It will blink repeatedly if you pressed the right button and for the required seconds. Then, you will receive a confirmation on the same TV that the TV remote is paired with the device.

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What to do when not seeing the message on the TV?

There might be chances that your Firestick TV remote doesn’t have batteries at the moment. Go and find spare batteries and replace them with the older ones. Repeat the steps mentioned in the paragraph above. 

If it still does not work, move the location of the remote. I mean, swing it around the TV for better connectivity. 

However, if your remote still fails to work, reset, and pair, read the next section. It teaches you how to reset the remote and start pairing it again for your usual binge-watching scenes on Amazon Fire Tv. 

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How to reset Firestick remote?

  • The best first step is to unplug your TV and switch it off completely for some time. Now you need to press and hold the LeftBack, and Menu buttons on the Firestick TV remote together. 
  • This looks difficult at first. But this step is possible. You can check out the Firestick TV remote images online for better reference. 
  • Press those together for faster results if you still are not sure what to do about it. Use your thumbs, or take a help from someone else nearby. 
  • You need to press and hold these buttons for 10-12 seconds. Then release them and wait for about 4-5 seconds next. Now, remove the existing batteries from the remove. 
  • Plug your Amazon TV back into the switchboard. Wait for another minute or so. 
  • Then, switch on the TV from the switchboard. 
  • Now, put new or existing batteries back into the Firestick remote. 
  • Press the “Home” button until you see the blue LED, which blinks at the top of the remote. 
  • This blue LED indicates that you successfully reset and paired the remote with the device. 

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These lights will not be visible if you’re using Alexa Voice remote lite version. That remote does not have any power or volume buttons to click, press, or hold for reset and pairing solutions. 

How to reset Alexa voice remote – 1st generation?

If you have the first generation of the Alexa voice remote, you will majorly follow the steps listed above. However, you will have fewer buttons to press this time to reset the remote. 

Guided steps to reset the remote:

  1. Unplug your Amazon Fire TV for 60 seconds. 
  2. Press the Left and Menu buttons at the same time on your remote. 
  3. Hold these buttons for 10-12 seconds. 
  4. Release the buttons.
  5. Wait for 5-6 seconds. 
  6. Remove your remote’s batteries.
  7. Plug your TV back into the switchboard but do not switch it on yet. 
  8. Put back the batteries. 
  9. Press and hold Home on your Alexa voice remote. 

Now you will get the same confirmation on your TV if the remote is reset and re-paired with the device. 

Still not working?

If none of the above-listed solutions work for your Firestick and Alexa voice remote, connect with Amazon customer service. Raise a ticket for the troubleshooting you’re experiencing. They shall contact you within 24-48 hours for a callback or training to reset the remote properly. You can also request a replacement of the firestick remote if the tech person confirms that it is not working properly.

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