How To Turn Off SOS On iPhone in 2023

How To Turn Off SOS On iPhone in 2023

Apple provides an SOS feature on iPhone 14 and above to send instant alerts to emergency services or contacts. If you’re in a critical situation, you don’t need to waste time activating the medical or emergency system. This button or feature does it for you and can help you save yourself or someone else around you before it’s too late. However, you might sometimes accidentally trigger this feature because of Crash Detection. It happens when you touch it accidentally.

Otherwise, the phone inside your pocket may get pressed because of certain pressure. Another possibility is that a child unknowingly plays with it and pushes the SOS button. All these problem statements have a solution. For instance, you will learn how to turn off SOS on iPhone in this post today. Please read it carefully to get step-by-step guidance. You can permanently disable the feature by following it until you manually turn it on.

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Quick shortcut to turn off the SOS feature on iPhone

If you don’t have time to read the entire blog on how to turn this feature off, read the quick answer here. Otherwise, read the detailed version as you keep on scrolling the post. 

Turn off the emergency SOS feature when you go to the “Settings” option on your iPhone 14 and above. Click the Emergency SOS option. Find three options related to SOS feature there and turn all of those off. These are:

  • Call with Hold and Release
  • Call with 5 Button Presses (this option is available in iPhone 14 or above models)
  • Call after Severe Crash

Choose whichever option you want to turn off. Turn all three off for a complete switch off of the emergency system activation. 

How To Turn Off SOS On iPhone

There is no one switch to turn off the SOS feature on iPhone. For that, you need to get your iPhone. Ensure it is switched off and has enough battery to operate the steps below.

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How To Turn Off SOS On iPhone

Follow the steps:

  • Find the Settings option or app on your iPhone. 
  • Find the “Emergency SOS” option when you open the Settings window. 
  • You have two options if you only want to turn off the manual SOS feature. Turn both of those off. 

The first is Call with Hold and Release. 

Next is a Call with 5 Button Presses. 

You will see the 2nd option only in iPhone 14 or above models. 

How To Turn Off SOS On iPhone in 2023

Steps to Disable Crash Detection on Your iPhone

  • Find the “Settings” menu on your phone. 
  • Go to the “Emergency SOS” option and click it. A new window will open with another option. 
  • Two of the options to disable are listed above. This time, you need to disable the 3rd option. 

This option is “Call After Severe Crash.” 

  • Toggle it on your screen to turn it off. 

This is another option only iPhone 14 or plus users can see on their screens. Those who have iPhone 13 or earlier models will not have this option. 

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How to get rid of SOS on your iPhone?

Are you getting the “SOS only” text in the top bar of your phone home screen? 

If that’s what you find, you activated the SOS mode of your phone. It will hinder the cellular network. Chances are that it will disable the mobile’s network for some time. 

Now, you can only make emergency calls from your phone to 911 or other emergency phone numbers. This may obstruct your experience of the iPhone if you want to use it like an average user. 

However, you can make calls to emergency teams or systems only if this is iPhone 14 or above that you’re using. In the SOS mode, you can even send satellite alerts to the emergency teams to rescue you on time. 

Though, you might want to disable the SOS activation on your iPhone. You have not triggered it. This might be a missed click from your end. 

The only possible solution is to move, walk, or run around your area or neighborhood to get a better network. 

If you get a signal, follow the steps to turn off the SOS mode on your latest iPhone 14 model:

  • Find and click “Settings.”
  • Go to “Cellular” and toggle the internet connection or cellular data for 10 to 12 seconds. 
  • Wait two more seconds and turn it back on. 

Are you traveling to another city and are on roaming? 

Then, follow the steps discussed above to turn off SOS activation on the phone. However, ensure your roaming is on so you don’t end up paying an unnecessary amount for using the cellular network once you’re off the SOS mode. 

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To do so, follow these steps diligently:

  • Find “Settings” on your phone and click it.
  • Go to “Cellular.”
  • Find “Cellular Data Options” and press it. 
  • You get a new window with another option, “Data Roaming.”
  • Check if it is enabled or not. If not, enable it. 

That way, you will not have to pay roaming charges when traveling. 

How to use a sim card to turn off SOS on iPhone?

Are you still not able to get out of the SOS mode? Then, follow other steps to get rid of it with the help of your sim card. 

Here’s how you do it:

  • Take out your sim card from your mobile. 
  • Use the pin you might have gotten with the phone to take the sim card properly out without damaging it. 
  • Check for the damages on the sim card once it is out. 
  • Wait a few minutes, put the sim card back in the slot, and seal it up. 
  • Turn off your iPhone 14. 
  • Wait for 10-12 seconds.
  • Turn it on again afterward. 

Now, these steps shall solve your issue of the SOS activation or mode, which you did not want. Check if the cellular network is backed up. You will know it when there is a full network beside the battery percentage at the top of the status bar. 

Are you still having issues with the SOS feature and activation mode on your iPhone?

If you diligently followed the steps till now, you should not have had any issues. But if the issues with the SOS feature do not remove, and the phone is not showing the cellular network, there must be an error with the phone’s software. You will need to repair or upgrade the phone’s software. It might also need a factory reset. However, Apple experts will know the best option if you go to the Apple tech center. So, find the nearest Apple service center around your neighborhood and get it thoroughly evaluated. Tell the tech expert your problem and find the replacement options as well.

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