How To Unpair Apple Watch

How To Unpair Apple Watch : Latest best guide

When you are purchasing an Apple watch of your choice, you think of unpairing the current one and sell it to a trusted party. This one could be your friend or someone you find online – an interested buyer for an Apple watch, the one which you own. Many newbies or non-tech-savvy people think that it’s a hassle to unpair their Apple watches. But that’s not the case. That’s why this post is ready for your below. You will no longer have to do extensive research on how to unpair Apple watch when you read the content curated below with detailed instructions. 

How Do You Usually Unpair Your Apple Watch?

There are two ways to unpair your watch. Either use your phone or do it directly from the watch’s settings. However, you must also switch off the Activation lock for extra security and data safety. 

Unpair Apple Watch

If you’re ready to unpair your watch and not use it anymore, start reading the ways and steps below. 

How To Unpair Your Apple Watch With The Phone?

Make sure you have both devices near you. To follow the steps noted below, you need them both, one after another. 

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Steps for disconnecting or unpairing the watch from your phone:

  • Open your iPhone. 
  • Find the Apple Watch app. 
  • Go to the My Watch tab.
  • There will be an option in yellow (most likely, that’s the color code) at the top corner of the screen. It’s named All Watches. Now, find the option and click it. 
  • Under the new screen of All Watches, you will find more information or an info button. 
  • This button will be near the watch you wish to unpair.
  • Click the button. It is likely to be in yellow for you to notice it faster. 
  • A new window opens that shows details about your watch on the phone. 
  • It will list all information like version, model, Wi-Fi address, Bluetooth, and even the device name. Check it again to ensure you are unpairing or disconnecting the right model or watch from your phone. 
  • Now, scroll the screen and go to the bottom.
  • Find the “Unpair Apple Watch” option or button and click it. 
  • A pop-up asks you to confirm if you want to unpair the specific watch. 
  • The message will also notify you that you must re-pair the device to use it again. 
  • So click “Unpaid XYZ watch name.”
How To Unpair Apple Watch


Your watch’s name will be highlighted after the word Unpair. I am only using the XYZ watch name to give you a reference. This way, you can be sure you’re unpairing the watch you no longer want to use.

Final steps:

Again, a new pop-up appears, and this time it will ask for the Apple ID to confirm if the Apple watch is unpaired or not. You need to click Unpair once and for all after typing in your ID. After this step, you will also have to switch off the Activation lock. Do it only when you no longer find the watch in the paired devices. 

How To Unpair Apple Watch

The watch will automatically create a back of every content stored in it on your ID’s cloud account. For confirmation, you can click your watch and check if it is still using your phone’s network, contacts, and other stuff or not. 

Once confirmed, you’re good to sell it off or upgrade the model to the next available version. You need to make the choice, as the device is yours. 

How To Unpair Apple Watch Using Its Settings When You Don’t Have The Phone?

Using your phone is the easiest way to unpair, reset, and restore the factory settings of your watch. But you may not always have the phone with you. It might be lost, broken, or up at the iPhone center for repair. However, you need to unpair your watch at the moment. This is because you either don’t need it anymore or want to pair another iPhone with your current watch. That’s nothing to fret over, though, as you read the corrective measures or steps below.

Follow these steps, and within 5-7 minutes, you can unpair your Apple watch. Then, you don’t need to mindlessly scroll the internet to know how to unpair an Apple watch. 

However, you can’t disable the Activation lock from your watch. Sadly, you cannot pair or add a new user to your watch. So, after you unpair the watch from your phone, you must also learn to disable the Activation lock. This will complete the process of unpairing the device and enable you to pair the new ID immediately. 

Steps for unpairing your watch without an iPhone in hand:

  • Find the “Settings” on your paired watch and click the button. 
  • Now, find the General option in the settings and click it. 
  • Scroll down until you find “Reset,” once you do, click it. 
  • Find “Erase all contents and settings” and tap on it. 
  • A pop-up will ask you for the passcode of the watch. Enter it. 
  • After that, click “Erase all.”


Now your watch will be unpaired from the phone. You would have now restored its factory settings. However, now read about the options to switch off the Activation Lock option. Without reading about it and disabling it in real, you can’t sell your watch to someone new or someone else. 

Why is that? I have already explained the reason above. The new user can’t add their ID on the watch. For that, you need to disable the Activation Lock of your Apple ID. 


Disabling and unpairing the watch from your phone is easy. We explained the steps above. To disable the Activation Lock, you need stable net connection and browse Login to your ID there or re-enter your Apple ID and passcode. Find the paired watch name there, which you need to delete from there permanently for the new user to add their ID on the same watch. Otherwise, if you are not planning to sell it, you can do more activities with your Apple watch. For example, you can unlock your Mac device with the watch or use it as a remote for your Apple TV. 

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