How To Hard Reset iPhone 13

How To Hard Reset iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 max (Pro), and the main iPhone 13 were of all similar sizes as were the iPhone 12 counterparts. They had similar buttons when compared to the iPhone 12 models. So this article on how to hard reset the iPhone 13 can help those who own iPhone 12 models currently. In fact, iPhone 14 owners can also take a hint from this guide as iPhone 14 models also have similar buttons despite dissimilarity in the model sizes.

Are you considering upgrading your current model from 12 to 13 or 13 to 14? Then, you might need to factory reset your current model. This procedure helps to eliminate or eradicate all data from the device. So you can sell the current iPhone 12 or 13 and replace it with the newer version without worrying about your data backup. 

What all do you need before resetting your iPhone 13?

Make sure your iPhone 13 has a full charge. You don’t want it to shut off in between the factory or network setting reset process. Otherwise, it can complicate the outcome. 

Make sure you do not have any work left on your iPhone 13. The device won’t let you operate it normally when it is in the factory reset mode. So avoid making any calls or using the net when you are doing the hard reset iphone 13 device. 

Get your data back up before messing it up. 

Have your iPhone ID and password in place, as you will need it while formatting or resetting the device. 

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What is a forced reset or restart of the iPhone 13 or other models?

You can force format or restart your device without shutting it down completely. For that, you need to press key buttons in particular order. You will know the steps in the guide below in no time. Follow the steps as guided, and you will get better control of your iPhone 13 with limited glitches. 

How to hard reset iPhone 13 (irrespective of the model)?

Most iPhone 13 models will have the same steps when you want to hard reset iphone 13 device. Pay attention to the guided steps written below for the best results. 

  • Switch on your iPhone 13 and make sure it has a full battery. 
  • You can put your iPhone 13 model on flight mode so you don’t receive any calls while doing the hard reset. 
  • Press the Volume Up button for a second or so and then release it. 
  • Now repeat the steps for the Volume Down button. 
  • Hold the Side button next. 
  • Keep holding it until your phone’s logo appears on the screen. 

It is a sign that you’re done resetting the iPhone 13.  By this way one can hard reset iphone 13 easily.

While you’re pressing the Side button, a slider might start to appear on the screen. You can let it go, but do not mess it with it. Otherwise, it will hamper the formatting process. Wait until the phone’s screen shows nothing or goes black. Then, it will show your phone or iPhone’s logo to signal the completion of the process. 

  • Release the button after the logo appears. 
  • Turn off your phone’s airplane mode and start to receive SMS or calls again. 

What to do when the above steps don’t work?

Have you tried the above steps? Are you still failing to reset the phone? You have another alternative right now: putting the iPhone in recovery mode. Once you put the device in recovery mode, you can reset it from iTunes or the Finder app. But before that, make sure you have the entire backup of your current phone’s data. So that in case you mess up any steps, your data remains safe and intact.

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You will find the steps to do the same below. 

How do you put your iPhone 13 in the recovery mode?

Check if you have the latest version of iTunes. If not, install it from Apple’s website on your Mac device. 

  • Once it is on your laptop, click Help. 
  • Check for updates and update the iTunes app. 
  • Now, press and release the Volume Up, Down, and Side buttons one after another in the same sequence on your iPhone 13. 
  • This process helps you to bring up the recovery mode screen on the phone. 

It takes about 15-20 seconds to enter that screen. So have patience.

Once done, plug your iPhone into the Mac device where you have the updated iTunes app.

What must you do when your iPhone 13 is in recovery mode?

After plugging the iPhone 13 into your Mac device, you have 15 minutes to hard reset it. Otherwise, the phone will automatically make an exit from this mode. And it if happens for some reason, you can repeat the above steps. 

  • A window will pop up when you plug your iPhone 13 with the Mac laptop or PC device. 
  • It will immediately ask you to Restore or Update the device.
  • Try clicking “Update” first. 

Most of the connectivity issues are resolved when you update the device. 

I am telling you to click Update first because this step will not delete your files or stored data if that is not your agenda from the get-go. However, if you want to hard refresh or reset the device, then follow the below steps. 

  • Go into the recovery mode again with the iPhone after updating it. 
  • Click “Restore” this time when the window pops up on your Mac device. 

When the process begins, the window on your Mac might ask for confirmation. If it does, press Continue or Confirm. Later, your iPhone 13 will turn black and take a few minutes to restart.

You will know about its completion when an Apple logo is on your mobile screen. Once that flashes, unplug the phone from your Mac and check the connectivity of your device. Also, crosscheck if the reset removed all the data. 

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Are you still not getting the best output from all the steps above when you want to hard reset iPhone 13? There might be other issues that your phone is going through. You should sincerely contact the Apple iPhone tech center. Search for the nearby centers and go to them and tell them all your problems and how you tried to hard reset the phone but failed consistently. They shall be able to fix it for you within assured 24-72 hours. They might even replace the device with a new model without charging extra if the device is under warranty. 

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