How to Unlock Motorola Phone Password without Factory Reset - Best Guide

How to Unlock Motorola Phone Password without Factory Reset – Best Guide

Unlocking your Motorola phone when you forget the password can be a real headache. You always don’t have to do a factory reset which erase out all your data. In this article, we will learn without using the factory reset option how to unlock your Motorola phone.

How to Unlock Motorola Phone Password without Factory Reset

A factory reset should be your last option. Everything will be erased on your phone, including photos, apps, and personal settings when done factory reset. By unlocking your phone you can keep your important data correct a factory reset.

Why You Should Avoid Factory Reset

Factory reset should be avoided on your phone because it’s like hitting a big, red reset button that makes your phone start over from scratch.

  • Everything Gets Erased: It’s like throwing away all your stuff in your phone when you do a factory reset.
  • Losing Memories: Think about all those fun pictures you took or important messages you have. They’ll be gone forever if you do a factory reset.
  • Setting Up Again: You have to set up your phone like it’s brand new after a factory reset.

Try other ways to fix problems with your phone, instead of hitting that big reset button like the ones we talked about in this article.

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Methods to Unlock Motorola Phone Password

When you forgot the password of your Motorola phone and are locked out of your Motorola phone, factory reset is not the only option. There are three methods to unlock your phone without losing your data:

Method 1: Using Your Google Account

  • If phone is connected to the internet you can unlock your phone using your Google account.
  • By entering the wrong password multiple times “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” option will be available. Tap on it.
  • Fill in the sign in credentials of your Google account to unlock your phone.

Method 2: Using Find My Device

  • On a computer or another device visit the Find My Device website.
  • Using the credentials sign in with the Google account linked to your locked Motorola phone.
  • From the list select your locked device and click on “Erase.”
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to remotely unlock your phone.

Method 3: Through Safe Mode

  • In Safe Mode you must restart your Motorola phone. Check your phone’s user manual as the method to do this may vary.
  • The app causing the lock screen issue can be uninstall or disable in Safe Mode.
  • Your phone have to be normally restarted after making the necessary changes.

Method 4: Contact Motorola Customer Support

Support team of Motorola knows inside out of their phone’s. Here is how you can connect to them:

  • Find Customer Support of Motorola: Search on website online for Motorola’s customer support number.
  • Explain Your Situation: Explain them that you forgot your phone’s password when you reach out to them. They will help you unlock your phone by trying different ways without losing your data.
  • Follow Their Instructions: Listen carefully and follow their instructions.


To unlock your Motorola phone it is possible without a factory reset, and it’s the best way to keep your valuable data safe. Factory reset is not the only option to unlock the phone. It will erase all the data from the phone. Always remember to use methods like your Google account or Find My Device before considering a factory reset. Easy and quick methods will solve the problem. Without loosing any of your phone’s data your phone can be unlocked. Access to your phone can be regained by following these steps while preserving your photos, apps, and settings.

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