Android Tools and Drivers – Recovery of Your Phone

If you forget your mobile password and want to factory reset your phone, Android Multi-Tool for PC is the solution for you. In this article, we will show you how to use Android Multi Tools v1.02b for Windows PC

Android Multi-Tools software helps you to reset, unlock, and Remove Pattern or PIN locks on any Android Mobile. You can erase all data and caches without a password.

Android USB drivers on your PC and Mac is a necessary tool. They serve as a bridge to help you interact and communicate between your mobile device and your PC. USB drivers help us connect our phones to your computer and do things like transfer photos and other data.

You can easily retrieve your password or reset your mobile for free without software knowledge.

With Android Multi Tools, you can

  • Wipe data/cache on fast boot mode
  • Reset Gmail
  • Reset Face/PIN lock
  • Reset Face/Gesture lock
  • Wipe Data
  • Reboot
  • Software and Hardware info

Connect Android Mobile

  • Press and Hold
    • Volume down button + Power button   or
    • Volume Up button + Power button    or
    • Volume Up + Home + Power button or
    • Volume down + Volume Up + Power button  For a while.

Reset with Android Multi Tools

  • Download the Android Multi Tools on your PC
  • After that, open Android Multi Tools file in the downloaded folder.
  • In this Step, connect your mobile device to PC via USB cable.
Reset with Android Multi Tools
  • After complete the process, press 5 on PC.
  • It will wipe all data on your device, Wait for a while.
  • Finally, the Device will reboot and take several minutes to start.

Android Tool Options

  • Now you have to type in any number to do a hard reset or password recovery.
  • Option 2 – You can reset your face or PIN lock. No data will be deleted.
  • Option 4 – You can reset your Gmail account. Your old mail has been deleted which means new mail has been added to your mobile.
  • Option 5 – Wipe all your data on your mobile. This means that all data is deleted.
  • Option 8 – If you see fast boot mode on your mobile phone when you press the volume buttons, You need to enter number 8 to wipe all your data.
  • Type any number that you want then press enter.
  • Reset done on your android phone.

Download Android Multi Tools

Here you can download the latest version of Android Multi-tools and drivers.

Download Android Multi tools

Android Multi tools does not work, if Android Version is above 4. Here you can download Android Unlock Software.

Download Android USB Drivers

Here you can Download and install Android Phone device USB (Universal Serial Bus) drivers for free.

Download USB Drivers

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