Reset and Unlock Non-Android Phones

Here you will find all non-Android mobile companies to list for a hard reset. You can select your mobile company, and then select your model to get hard reset, factory reset methods.

Factory reset solves many problems. You can speed up your device, remove the virus that causes failures, and free up space.

What is Hard Reset?

Hard Reset also known as a Factory Reset or Master Reset. Hard reset does reinstall the software, rebooting the device, and delete the data completely from the device. It cleans the entire system of the device.

Hard reset operation is used to repair damaged or forgotten passwords or malfunctioning devices or to remove all data from your phone. If your phone is running slow or you want to sell it, you can reset your mobile if you Forget the password, then it’s like a new phone.

Non Android Phones List


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  1. Sylvia

    Do you know how to reset a bottle l800?…. I forgot the password

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