Reset With Find My Device – Google

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In this method, we explain How to hard reset and Recover a lost Android phone quickly. It displays a list of your Android phones and tablets with the ability to remotely ring or wipe. It works on all mobile devices logged into your Google Account.

Find My Device – Google

  • First, open your computer or laptop, connect to the internet.
  • Next open one browser, Then Go to Google Find My Device
  • After that, log in with google account on android phone.
  • In this step, You will see three options [Play Sound, Lock, and Erase] on your PC screen.
  • Play Sound

Select this option to Ring your mobile.

  1. Tap on the Play Sound option, you can ring your mobile.
  2. You can stop your mobile ringing, tap on the stop sound option.
  • Lock

Lock your lost device, set or change your password and display the message on the last screen to help those who have found your lost device.

  1. In these methods fist tap on the Secure device option.
  2. Now, It will show the recovery message and phone number.
  3. After that, Type Recovery message and phone number
  4. In this step, Select the Secure device option.
  • Erase

Select this option to Reset your Android mobile. these methods Reset to delete all your mobile data, Like

  • Settings
  • Google account
  • System and app data
  • Downloaded apps
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • All other user data
  1. Choose Erase device option.
  2. After complete, again choose the Erase device option.
  3. Finally, select the Erase option to complete the Reset.
  4. Finally, The device will reboot and take several minutes to start.

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